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Lyn Mize

When the movie “Independence Day” was released on July 4th several years ago, I recall reading in the newspaper that it was a rendition of the book of Revelation. This was apparently the intent of the author of the original source for the movie. I knew this when a few friends and I went to see the movie.  

I was sitting near the end of one row and a lady that I did not know sat one seat over from me. I asked her if she knew that the movie was a secular rendition of the book of Revelation, and she was aghast. She stated emphatically, “God would not destroy the cities of the earth.” I told her that she needed to read the book of Revelation, because that is exactly what He is going to do. She made no further comments. This brief interchange took place before the movie started.  

After watching the movie, it was confirmed that the movie was a rendition of the book of Revelation from Satan’s point of view. Those who came in the clouds with fire to destroy the cities of the earth were the enemies of the people of the earth. In the movie they had come to rape and pillage the earth and destroy its inhabitants. In a sense this is true, for the Lord is coming to destroy the world system and the rebellious people of the earth. To the majority of people on the earth, this is evil doings instead of righteous doings. In the movie the heavenly invaders are evil. In the Bible the heavenly invaders will be the Lord Jesus Christ and His angels coming to redeem the world from the clutches of Satan.

In the movie there were three primary characters or heroes that protected the earth from these evil invaders. The end of the movie portrayed these three heroes as uniting the world against the heavenly invaders and establishing the independence of the earth. Ironically, the final battle between the earthlings and the heavenly invaders occurred on July 4th or INDEPENDENCE DAY. Thus, July 4th was not only Independence Day for Babylon the Great, but it was also Independence Day for the earth.  

The primary question that comes to mind is “Independence from what?” The end of the movie portrays the world as having been united by these three brave heroes. We need to take a closer look at these three brave heroes.  

The first hero is the President of the USA.  The Government in Washington DC has been destroyed by the heavenly invaders and the Government is in shambles. The President now assumes leadership over the world and begins the process of unifying the world against these heavenly invaders. As the authority figure over the world, he is the one that issues the orders for the armies of the world to act in concert. This individual parallels the Antichrist in the book of Revelation.  

There are many parallels between this leader and the real Antichrist. He is the Ex-President of the USA who has become the ex officio leader of not only the USA, but also the entire world. His wife dies just before he takes command of the world forces to thwart the attacks of the heavenly invaders. His only surviving family member is his trusting and adoring daughter.  

The second hero is a brilliant Jewish man that provides the plan and the intelligence for conquering the heavenly invaders. He is the brain behind the three heroes, and the authority figure makes his decisions based on the plans of this brilliant hero. This individual parallels Satan in the book of Revelation.  

The third hero is a military jet pilot that maintains unquestioned obedience to the orders of the new authority figure. He is brave, loyal and absolutely fearless in his quest for following the orders of the Ex-President turned world leader. This individual parallels the False Prophet in the book of Revelation.  

These three individuals are the heroes in the movie, and they are successful in unifying the world against the heavenly invaders and conquering them in the air before they are able to take over the earth. As stated earlier, this movie is a rendition of the book of Revelation from Satan’s point of view. This is obvious in the movie. Premarital sex is perfectly okay in the movie, and homosexuality is perfectly acceptable as an alternative lifestyle. Also, being an exotic striptease dancer is perfectly okay as an occupation, and it is compatible with being a good mother.  

There are many parallel images in the movie with the book of Revelation. The heavenly invaders align themselves over the cities of the earth in order to destroy the cities. Revelation clearly has the Lord Jesus Christ destroying the cities of the earth. The heavenly invaders are depicted as coming in the clouds with fire. This is exactly the way that the Lord Jesus Christ will appear in order to destroy the cities of the earth and the world system.  

In one dramatic scene the freaks and simple minded people are standing on the top of a large building holding up signs and shouting petitions to be taken away by the invaders. Instead of being taken away, they are destroyed by the invaders. This is clearly the secular or satanic view of Christians seeking to be raptured by the Lord Jesus Christ. We are seen as being freaks and simpletons seeking the ridiculous. Unfortunately, many fellow Christians also see us this way.  

When the Firstfruits Rapture occurs the Lord Jesus Christ will turn the world over to Antichrist for a period of 42 months. In a sense the world will be granted its independence under the satanic trinity for a period of time before the Lord Jesus Christ destroys the cities of the earth and the world system under Satan, the Antichrist and the False Prophet. Could a July 4th be the time that the Firstfruits Rapture takes place? It is definitely a time that we think not, in accordance with the words of Jesus. July 4th is the greatest secular holiday in America or Babylon the Great. It is also traditionally the beginning of summer as it ushers in the two hottest months of July and August. We also know from Song of Solomon 3:1-4 that the bride has a short intense period of anxiety between the time that she expected the Beloved and the time that He appeared. Could this period of time be the time between the summer solstice on June 21st and the secular celebration of July 4th? It would certainly be ironic for America or Babylon the Great to be re-enslaved on the same date that it gained its independence.  

Of course, this is only speculation but the celebration date coincides with events in the Middle East that appear almost certainly as the time that Isaiah 17 is to be fulfilled. It is also a time when the American Government is seen by the majority of its citizens as being ineffective and incompetent. The majority of American citizens are down on the new President, the Vice-President, the Congress and the agencies of the Federal Government. Even Christians are in rebellion against the US Government. It is ironic that this rebellion against the US Government is going to enslave millions of Christians under the totalitarian government of Antichrist. These Christians have unwittingly fallen into the hands of the Antichrist and helped him in his soon overthrow of the US Government. Many will realize this error when it is too late to rectify the situation. Millions of Christians will die at the hands of Antichrist. They are unable to envision these events now, but they will occur in accordance with the Word of God in the Book of Habakkuk.